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Terms and Conditions

No one really likes these but ... by logging in and either downloading files reserved for Members only or viewing content on pages reserved for members only, you agree that you will not pass the files or content onto anyone else, nor will you post them (or extracts) to any email or message board system. You will encourage anyone who wants copies of the files you download for themselves to visit this web site and obtain their own direct from the Society. You agree not offer them for sale either on eBay or by any other means.

Why should I Log-in ?

Some digital items listed on the Archive pages of this web site may be downloaded by current Society members as part of their membership benefits. Logging in to the web site establishes you as a member and your entitlement to download the digital items reserved for Members Only. These items are not available for download by non-members.

The content of some pages of the web site is also restricted to viewing by current Society members as part of their membership benefit.

The identity and password needed for logging in are both changed periodically without notice. Members are notified of the current one in the Announcement section of the Members' Forum. The current identity and password will only be provided through that means.

Not a member ?

You will need to join the Society as a member. Once you have joined you will be eligible to join the Members' Forum and be able to locate the information needed to allow you to log in. Join the SRS now.

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Log-in not working ?

If you are unable to log in ...

1. Check you are using the current identity and password posted in the Annoucement section of the Members' Forum - they change from time to time.

2. If you have not renewed your subscription you will have had your Forum membership suspended. Renew Now or JOIN the SRS now.

3. If you still cannot log-in and you think there is a technical problem you may contact the webmaster but be aware that the identity and password are only provided through the notice in the announcement section of the Members' Forum.


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