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Signal Fact 72

By 1851 the South Eastern Railway had introduced block working on its line from London to Dover.

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Location Magazine
Abbey Wood (SER) Classic Bus 2010 June.
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Abbey Foregate SJ001 Backtrack 2020 August.
Railway Magazine 2015 July.
Abbots Ripton GN040 Joint Line 2012 Summer.
Backtrack 2011 January.
Great Northern News 2010 January-February.
British Railways Illustrated 2008 January.
Abbotscliffe SE040 Railway Magazine 1966 June.
Aber (LNWR) Backtrack 1999 December.
Aberavon RS001 Classic Bus 2012 August.
Aberayron GW664 Railway Bylines 2010 February.
Aberbeeg GW664 Railway Bylines 2016 June.
Backtrack 2011 May.
Steam World 2010 January.
Steam Days 2009 May.
Backtrack 2008 May.
Abercynon TV001 Railway Bylines 2011 August.
Aberdare TV001 Steam Days 2011 September.
Aberdeen CA580 Backtrack 2020 October.
Hornby Magazine 2020 June.
Steam Days 2010 October.
Aberdovey CM050 Steam World 2000 December.
Aberfeldy HR002 Railway Bylines 2016 May.
Abergavenny GW430 Railway Observer 2013 April.
Abergavenny NW240 Railway Magazine 2020 December.
Railway Magazine 1962 December.
Abergele & Pensarn NW460 Modern Railways 2021 May.
Modern Railways 2013 February.
Rail Express 2009 June.
Backtrack 1999 December.
Abergwynfi GW560 Steam World 2000 August.
Abersychan GW500 Railway Archive 2013 41.
Backtrack 2008 May.
Aberthaw (BR) Backtrack 2011 March.
Aberystwyth CM040 Steam Days 2011 July.
Steam Days 2010 April.
Steam World 2001 April.
Steam World 1993 July.
Abingdon GW104 Backtrack 2021 March.
Abington (LNWR) Backtrack 2010 July.
Achanalt HR024 Railway Magazine 1966 November.
Achnasheen HR024 Steam Days 2021 May.
Steam Days 2019 December.
Railway Archive 2012 issue 34.
Steam Days 2011 March.
Backtrack 2011 January.
Backtrack 2009 May.
Railway Magazine 1966 November.
Acle GE140 Backtrack 2021 April.
Railway Magazine 2013 February.
Railway Magazine 2011 December.
Railway Observer 2010 December.
Railway Magazine 2008 January.
Acocks Green GW730 Backtrack 2012 October.
Backtrack 2009 May.
Backtrack 2008 December.
Steam Days 2007 November.
British Railways Illustrated 2007 March.
Acton GW060 Backtrack 2013 May.
Steam World 2012 July.
Steam Days 2010 August.
Steam World 2000 August.
Acton Bridge NW530 Steam World 1994 November.
Acton Wells NW100 Steam World 1996 June.
Adderbury GW732 Railway Archive 2009 24.
Addingham MR906 Midland Railway Journal 2012 Summer.
Midland Railway Journal 2011 winter.
Midland Railway Journal 2011 Autumn.
Addlestone Junction SW053 Steam World 1995 November.
Adelaide (South Australia) Railway Magazine 1927 February.
Adelstrop GW690 Railway Archive 2008 22.
Adwalton Junction (GNR) LNER Study Group Newsletter 2009 Winter.
Afon Wen (CR) Backtrack 2010 July.
Agecroft Junction (LYR) Backtrack 2009 September.
Ainsdale LY190 Backtrack 2013 December.
Ainsdale Beach CL084 Backtrack 2013 June.
Aintree British Railways Illustrated 2009 August.
Airdrie Rail 2008 June 4.
Ais Gill MR930 Rail Express 2020 November.
Railway Magazine 2013 September.
Steam World 2008 October.
Albany Tower Junction GS001 Railway Magazine 1927 February.
Alcan Branch Junction Industrial Railway Record 2007 March.
Alcester MR272 Backtrack 2013 May.
Aldersbrook GE001 British Railways Illustrated 2011 November.
Aldershot SW062 Railway World 1970 October. (A)
Aldgate Backtrack 2008 November.
Algarkirk & Sutterton GN090 Great Northern News 2011 August.
Backtrack 2009 April.
Allerton British Railways Illustrated 2008 March.
Allerton Main NE158 Backtrack June 2016.
Allhallows-on-Sea (SR) Steam Days 2010 February.
Allington Junction Great Northern News 2008 July-August.
Alloa NB600 Steam Days 2016 September.
Railway Magazine 2011 September.
Steam Days 2011 July.
Steam Days 2011 April.
Railway Magazine 1966 September.
Allsops Crossing MR216 Railway Bylines 2016 March.
Railway Bylines 2009 April.
Alnwick NE741 Railway Magazine 2013 Christmas.
Railway Bylines 2012 July.
Backtrack 2002 October.
Alresford SW062d Railway World 1970 October.
Alrewas Railway Magazine, 2021 May.
Alsop-en-le-Dale NW776 Backtrack 2016 December.
Steam Days 2013 December.
Backtrack 2012 March.
Alston NE439 Railway Magazine 2015 October.
Alstone Junction (MR) Midland Railway Journal 2009 Autumn.
Altcar & Hillhouse CL084 Backtrack 2013 June.
Altnabreac HR020 Railway Archive 2012 issue 34.
Alton SW062d Southern Way 2008 issue 3.
Alton (Towers) NS020 Railway Bylines 2010 April.
Backtrack 2008 October.
Steam World 2004 December.
Railway Magazine 1898 November.
Alton Heights CA202 Steam Days 2015 October.
Alyth CA559 Backtrack 2009 February.
Alyth Junction CA550 British Railways Illustrated 2016 August.
Ambergate MR440 Steam Days 2013 December.
The Wyvern 2012 Spring.
Backtrack 2009 July.
Backtrack 2008 June.
Amberley LB080 Backtrack 2011 December.
Amersham GC002 British Railways Illustrated 2009 November.
Railway Magazine 1962 July.
Amiens Street GD001 Railway Magazine 2015 August.
Amlwch NW503 Railway Bylines 2012 August.
Anaqui (Tennessee) RSHS Bulletin Volume 39 Issue 1.
Ancaster GN264 Modern Railways 2020 October.
Backtrack 2017 January.
Railway Magazine 2013 February.
Railway Magazine 2012 December.
Railway Observer 2012 March.
Railways Illustrated 2008 September.
Andover Junction SW120 Railway World 1970 October. (B)
Backtrack 2012 September.
Southern Way 2012 19.
Steam Days 2011 September.
Steam Days 2010 February.
Andover Town SW122 Steam Days 2011 September.
Angerstein Junction SE024 Steam Days 2021 April.
Angmering LB090 Backtrack 2000 March.
Anlaby Road NE050 British Railways Illustrated 2012 June.
Annaghmore GD090 Railway World 1970 August.
Annfield East Junction (NER) Steam Days 2011 March.
Ansdell & Fairhaven (P&WR) Backtrack 2011 June.
Backtrack 2008 October.
Anstruther NB543 Backtrack 2016 May.
Antrim NC020 Backtrack 2013 September.
Appleby MR930 MR933 Railway Magazine 2016 April.
Backtrack 2012 April.
Backtrack 2009 July.
Steam World 1981 September.
Appleby GC190 Railway Magazine 2015 December.
Appleby NE272 Railway Magazine 1962 April.
Appledore (Devon) Railway Bylines 2006 February.
Appledore (Kent) Steam Days 2007 December.
Arbroath DA001 Steam Days 2012 October.
Archcliffe Junction SE040 British Railways Illustrated 2011 August.
Steam Days 2008 November.
Ardeer GS146 Steam Days 2014 January.
Ardingly (LBSCR) Railway Magazine 2010 August.
Ardler CA550 Backtrack 2020 April.
Ardler Junction CA550 Backtrack 2008 February.
Ardrahan GX140 Railway World 1970 February.
Arisaig NB467 Steam Days 2012 April.
Rail Express 2009 June.
Railway Magazine 2009 June.
Arkleston Junction (GPJR) Steam Days 2011 February.
Arksey GN270 Backtrack 2016 October.
Great Northern News 2013 January.
Arkwright Street GC020 Steam Days 2009 November.
Arkwright Town GC070 Steam Days 2021 May.
Arlesey GN040 Backtrack 2011 October.
Arley GW723 Railway Magazine 2015 July.
Railway Magazine 2012 December.
Steam World 1981 December.
Armley MR890 Midland Record 21 2005.
Armley Moor GN360 Backtrack 2016 August.
Railway Magazine 1966 September.
Arnside FN001 Steam Days 2013 October.
Backtrack 2009 January.
Rail 2008 July 29.
Arpley NW730 Railway Observer 2010 December.
Railway Magazine 1966 April.
Arrochar & Tarbert (NBR) Steam Days 2020 August.
Modern Railways 2010 September.
Steam World 2010 February.
Arundel LB080 Southern Way 2016 issue 36.
Backtrack 2013 August.
Backtrack 2011 August.
Backtrack 2011 June.
British Railways Illustrated 2011 January.
Ascot SW050 Southern Way 2016 issue 36.
British Railways Illustrated 2011 January.
Ash SE080 Railway Magazine 1927 June.
Steam World 2003 December.
Ash Junction SW064 Backtrack 2012 March.
Steam Days 2009 July.
Steam World 2008 March.
Ash Tree Crossing Moors Line 2007 winter.
Ashburton GW271 Steam Days 2008 June.
Ashburton Grove British Railways Illustrated 2008 July.
Ashby Gas Works Siding MR164 Steam World 1993 July.
Ashby Loop Siding Steam World 1996 November.
Ashby Magna GC020 Steam Days 2011 May.
Steam World 1995 March.
Ashby Junction, Nuneaton (LNWR) Backtrack 2009 September.
Backtrack 2008 January.
Ashchurch MR270 Backtrack 2013 December.
Steam Days 2011 September.
Steam Days 2011 June.
British Railways Illustrated 2010 November.
Midland Railway Journal 2009 Autumn.
Steam Days 2009 November.
Ashendon Junction GW050 Backtrack 2009 October.
Steam World 1983 October.
Asheville Yard (NC) RSHS Bulletin 2010 volume 43-4.
Ashley & Weston NW160 Backtrack 2016 September.
Ashley Hill GW130 Railway Magazine 1933 September.
Ashurst Junction LB103 Southern Way Issue 20.
Ashford SE040 Backtrack 2019 October.
British Railways Illustrated 2016 July.
Steam Days 2013 September.
British Railways Illustrated 2012 November.
Railway Magazine 2011 April.
British Railways Illustrated 2010 05.
Steam Days 2009 September.
Steam Days 2009 May.
British Railways Illustrated 1997 November.
Ashford SE121 British Railways Illustrated 2013 April.
Ashington (NER) Backtrack 2010 September.
Ashtabula (Ohio) RSHS Bulletin Volume 39 Issue 1.
Ashtead LB067 Backtrack 2013 June.
Ashton GW157 Railway Bylines 2008 May.
Ashton in Makerfield GC542 Backtrack 2020 September.
Ashton Junction GC390 British Railways Illustrated 2010 February.
Ashton Moss North LY030 Modern Railways 2018 June.
Ashwater (LSWR) Railway Bylines 2009 October.
Ashwell MR100 Railway Magazine 2020 January.
Railway Archive No.47 2015.
Askham (FR) Steam Days 2009 May.
Aspatria MC010 Steam Days 2015 October.
Aston by Stone NS001 Railway Archive 2013 issue 40.
Athelney GW234 Steam Days 2011 June.
Steam World 1993 June.
Atherstone NW180 British Railways Illustrated 1998 October.
Auchengray (CR) Steam Days 2009 September.
Auchtermuchty Backtrack 2008 July.
Backtrack 2008 June.
Audenshaw GC370 British Railways Illustrated 2010 January.
Backtrack 2008 July.
Backtrack 2008 June.
Audley End GE050 Steam Days 2012 October.
Railway Magazine 2011 November.
Avenuehead Backtrack 2007 October.
Aviemore HR001 Railway Magazine 2010 March.
Backtrack 2009 January.
Steam Railway 2008 Feb-Mar.
Steam World 1996 June.
Avon Lodge SW107 Southern Way 2008 issue 4.
Avonwick GW273 Steam Days 2009 July.
Axbridge GW213 Back Track 2011 February.
Steam World 2010 October.
Axminster SW140 Steam Days 2021 May.
British Railways Illustrated 2016 August.
Southern Way 2016 05 issue 35.
Steam Days 2010 July.
Steam Days 2010 May.
Railway Magazine 2009 April.
Aylesbury (GC002) Steam Days 2017 February.
Backtrack 2013 November.
Steam Days 2010 September.
Steam World 2010 February.
Backtrack 2009 October.
Steam World 1994 July.
Steam World 1994 June.
Railway Magazine 1933 November.
Aylestone Hill SH001 Railway Magazine 2016 May.
Steam Days 2013 December.
Steam Days 2011 March.
Steam Days 2010 June.
Backtrack 2010 January.
Aylsham Town MG010 Joint Line 2012 Spring.
M&GN Bulletin 2011 May.
Aynho Junction GW730 Backtrack 2007 February.
Ayot GN032 Railway Archive 2011 issue 33.
Ayr GS110 Backtrack 2011 December.
Steam Days 2011 February.
British Railways Illustrated 1997 October.
Ayr Harbour Junction GS115 Steam Days 2016 September.


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