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British Power Signalling Register

Wolverhampton Power Signal Box
Wolverhampton Power Signal Box
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The British Power Signalling Register compiled by Andy Overton is a free listing and historical analysis of all power signalling equipment installations commissioned in Britain from 1883 to the present day, excluding those on London Underground and metro networks. Aimed at both the signalling enthusiast and the professional engineer alike, the documents present in one place –

The British Power Signalling Register represents a condensation of many decades of recording and research by a large number of signalling enthusiasts and industry professionals, and has been fully peer-reviewed by signalling historians and signalling engineers. It is intended to be a living, up to date register of the past and current British power signalling scene and updated versions are produced from time to time.

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The latest version of the register, together with the explanatory text can be downloaded from the BPSR Web Site.


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