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Drawing Office

The Society has a large and growing range of drawings, the phenomenal work of our dedicated members.

The range includes signal box diagrams suitable for framing and hanging on the wall or above a block shelf, wiring arrangements, lever leads, locking and architectural subjects. New drawings appear regularly, and are advertised in SRS News or on an accompanying leaflet.

Some of the drawings are dated and represent the layout and signalling at that time. and others are left undated. These diagrams are sought out by researchers interested in specific locations and by modellers who wish to create a true to life model with correctly placed signalling for the operation of their layout.

Drawings Catalogue

We have divided our drawing catalogues into four parts. Each part covers the territory of one of the “Big Four” companies that existed between 1923 and the end of 1947. Within each catalogue, the lists are arranged in line or area order.

To access the catalogues please select the appropriate menu button at the top of the page.

Purchasing Drawings on Paper

Prices of Paper Drawings
Size code Non-Members Members
S, W, J £3.60 £3.30
D £4.10 £3.70
B, L £5.60 £5.10
C, P £6.10 £5.40
X £7.30 £6.80
For shipping rates see text.

Some series D, L and P drawings contain drawings for more than one location.
Please do not include the same number twice in any one order.

The table sets out the prices for paper copies of the drawings. When ordering please ensure you use the price in the middle column of the table or your order will be delayed. However, if you are a member yo may order at the discounted price shown in the right hand column of the table.

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Our shipping charges for paper drawings include the costs of postage, packaging and handling. Each time you order, you only pay one shipping charge for that order no matter how many drawings you are ordering..

We can send the drawings to you either folded or rolled. If you want them sent rolled in a postal tube so they don't get creased then the shipping charge to UK addresses is £5.00. For folded drawings the shipping charge is £3.50.

We are only able to post printed drawings to UK addresses. If you live elsewhere we can supply the drawings as electronic (PDF) files that can be printed by a large format printer (print shop) somewhere near to you. See below for how to purchase these.

Ready to order? Follow this link to the order form.

Purchasing Electronic Copies

Most of the Southern and Western area drawings are available in sets. Originally supplied on CDs, several of the areas are now available on USB memory stick or for direct download to your device. You can buy the sets from our on-line Bookstall.

The facility to purchase individual PDFs is currently suspended due to lack of volunteers to provide the service.


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