Signal Box Diagram Amendments

Amendments since publication of CDs

Since publication of the Signal Box Diagrams CDs between 2009 and February 2011, several hundred of the Society's collection of signal box diagram drawings have been amended, redrawn or added. By the end of July 2011, some 87 GW & SR diagrams had been redrawn since the CDs were published and a full-resolution image of each of these diagrams was published on an update CD. The list below includes a complete list of the amendments and additions to the published CDs, along with a full resolution image of any GW & SR signal box diagrams which are not available on a published CD. Recently digitised diagrams include over twenty boxes in the Birmingham area and over twenty boxes in Wales as well as sixteen hand-drawn locking sketches in the Chester area dating from circa 1913: ten of these were published for the first time on the update CD and 'thumbnail' versions of these are included on the web site.

The update CD also contains the Company Lists of Box Diagrams - GWR, SR, LMS & LNER - held by the Drawing Office. Over 2300 drawings are currently held in digitised form, many contain more than one diagram. Each list provides access to a 'thumbnail' image of each box diagram held by the Drawing Office: over 3500 low resolution thumbnail images are thus included on the CD. A complete list of the amended box diagrams included in full on the update CD is as follows:

A revised edition of the following CD(s) has been produced, containing the amended box diagrams included in full on the update CD, as well as the following amended box diagrams: