Location County Line Show
Cadmores Lane & Cheshunt Hertfordshire
Cadoxton Glamorgan
Cadoxton Goods Glamorgan
Cadoxton Low Level Glamorgan
Cadoxton North Glamorgan
Caerleon Monmouthshire
Caerleon Works Monmouthshire
Cairn Ryan Wigtownshire  
Cairn Ryan Junction Wigtownshire
Cairn Valley Junction Dumfries
Cairneyhill Fife
Caister Norfolk
Caister Ballast Siding Norfolk
Caister Camp Halt Norfolk
Caister Road Junction Norfolk
Calbourne & Shalfleet Isle of Wight
Caldew Junction Cumberland
Caldon Junction Staffordshire
Caldwell Renfrewshire
California Halt Norfolk
Callander Perthshire
Calvert Buckinghamshire
Calvert Junction Buckinghamshire
Cambridge Heath Middlesex
Cambridge North Cambridgeshire
Campbell's Siding Norfolk
Campbell Road Junction Middlesex
Camden Middlesex
Campden Gloucestershire
Campden Tunnel Gloucestershire
Came Bridge Dorset
Campey's Farm Crossing Yorkshire
Canada Dock Lancashire
Canal Nottinghamshire
Canal Junction Cumberland
Cane Hill Surrey
Canley Warwickshire
Cannon Street Middlesex
Cannon Street Middlesex
Canons Park Middlesex
Canterbury East Kent
Canterbury Junction 'B' Kent
Canterbury West Kent
Capeldrae Fife
Caprington Colliery Ayrshire
Location County Line Show
Carcroft Yorkshire
Cardenden Fife
Cargo Fleet Yorkshire
Cargo Fleet Road Crossing Yorkshire
Carisbrooke Isle of Wight
Carlin How Yorkshire
Carlisle Citadel Cumberland
Carlisle Crown Street Cumberland
Carlisle No.1 Cumberland
Carlisle No.2 Cumberland
Carlisle No.3 Cumberland
Carlisle No.4 Cumberland
Carlisle No.4A Cumberland
Carlisle No.5 Cumberland
Carlisle No.6 Cumberland
Carlisle No.7 Cumberland
Carlisle No.8 Cumberland
Carlisle No.9 Cumberland
Carlisle No.10 Cumberland
Carlisle No.11 Cumberland
Carlisle No.12 Cumberland
Carlisle No.13 Cumberland
Carlton Durham
Carlton Nottinghamshire
Carlton-on-Trent Nottinghamshire
Carlton Iron Works Durham
Carlton Towers Yorkshire
Carluke Lanarkshire
Carmuirs East Junction Edinburghshire
Carron Bridge Dumfries
Carronbridge Dumfries
Carsbreck Perthshire
Carsebreck Perthshire
Carterton Oxfordshire
Cartsburn Junction Renfrewshire
Cartsburn Tunnel Renfrewshire
Cartsdyke Renfrewshire
Cassington Oxfordshire
Castle Bytham Lincolnshire
Castle Donington Leicestershire
Castle Donington Ballast Pit Leicestershire
Castle Donington Power Station Leicestershire
Castle Farm Crossing Sussex
Castle Hedingham (1) Essex
Castle Hedingham (2) Essex
Castle Hill (Ealing Dean) Middlesex
Castle Hill Tunnel Yorkshire
Castle Hills Junctions Yorkshire
Castle Howard Yorkshire
Castle Kennedy Wigtownshire
Castlefield Junction Lancashire
Castlehill Junction Lanarkshire
Castlemilk Dumfries
Castleton Yorkshire
Castleton Moor Yorkshire
Castletown Junction Durham
Catfield Norfolk
Catfield Road Crossing Norfolk
Cathcart Street Renfrewshire
Catlings Lane Cambridgeshire
Cattal Yorkshire
Cattistock Dorset
Cattle Dock Lancashire
Cave Crossing Yorkshire
Cavendish Suffolk
Cawood Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Cefn Denbighshire
Cefn Montgomeryshire
Cefn Viaduct Denbighshire
Location County Line Show
Cement Mills Isle of Wight


Location County Line Show
Chalcombe Road Platform Northamptonshire
Chalk Farm Middlesex
Challoch Junction Wigtownshire
Challow Berkshire
Chaloner's Whin Junction Yorkshire
Chapeltown Lancashire
Chappel & Wakes Colne Essex
Charbridge Lane Crossing Oxfordshire
Charing Cross Middlesex
Charing Cross Middlesex
Charing Cross Embankment Middlesex
Charity Colliery Warwickshire
Charity Siding Warwickshire
Charlbury Oxfordshire
Charlestown Fife
Charlestown Lancashire
Charlestown Foundry LC Fife
Charlestown Junction Fife
Charlton Halt Oxfordshire
Charlton Siding Worcestershire
Charters Lane Crossing Lincolnshire
Chartham Kent
Chassen Road Lancashire
Chatham Kent
Chatham Central Kent
Chatham Tunnel Kent
Checkerhouse Nottinghamshire
Cheddleton Staffordshire
Cheddleton Tunnel Staffordshire
Chelsea (& Fulham) Middlesex
Cheltenham Racecourse Gloucestershire
Chertsey Surrey
Chemical Works Durham
Cherwell Oxfordshire
Cheshunt Hertfordshire
Cheshunt Junction Hertfordshire
Chestfield & Swalecliffe Kent
Chetnole Dorset
Chew Moor Lancashire
Chew Moor Intermediate Lancashire
Chew Moor Sidings Lancashire
Location County Line Show
Chichester Durham
Chichester Sussex
Chilham Kent
Chilham Mill Crossing Kent
Chilham Road Crossing Kent
Chilvers Coton Warwickshire
Chilwell Nottinghamshire
Chilworth (& Albury) Surrey
Chingford Essex
Chingford Goods Essex
Chippenham Wiltshire
Chipping Campden Gloucestershire
Chipping Norton Oxfordshire
Chipping Norton Junction Oxfordshire
Chipping Norton Tunnel Oxfordshire
Chipping Sodbury Gloucesterhire
Chipping Sodbury Tunnel Gloucesterhire
Chirk Denbighshire
Chirk Viaduct Denbighshire
Chislet Colliery Kent
Chislet Siding Kent
Chiswick (&/for Grove Park) Middlesex
Chiswick Junction Middlesex
Chiswick Park Middlesex
Cholsey (& Moulsford) Berkshire
Christ's Hospital Sussex
Christian Malford Wiltshire
Church Crossing Nottinghamshire
Church Crossing Surrey
Church Fenton Yorkshire
Church Lane Crossing Norfolk
Church Lane Crossing Norfolk
Church Road Lancashire
Churchdale Road Crossing Sussex
Churchill & Blakedown Worcestershire
Churchill Road Crossing Norfolk
Churwell Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Location County Line Show
Cinderhill Colliery Nottinghamshire
City Thameslink Middlesex


Location County Line Show
Clackmannan & Kennet Clackmannanshire
Clapham Junction Surrey
Clapham Junction Surrey
Clapham Junction Surrey
Clapton Middlesex
Clapton Junction Essex
Clapton No.1 Tunnel Middlesex
Clapton (No.2) Tunnel Middlesex
Clarborough Junction Nottinghamshire
Clarborough Tunnel Nottinghamshire
Clare Suffolk
Clay & Newmans Siding Worcestershire
Clay Lake Lincolnshire
Clay Lane Crossing Sussex
Claydon Buckinghamshire
Claydon Crossing Oxfordshire
Claydon LNE Junction Buckinghamshire
Claypole Lincolnshire
Clayton Bridge Lancashire
Clayton Cutting Sussex
Clayton Tunnel Sussex
Claxby Crossing Lincolnshire
Cleckheaton (Central) Yorkshire
Cleckheaton (Spen) Yorkshire
Cleethorpe Road Junction Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Light Railway Lincolnshire  
Clenchwarton Norfolk
Cleveland Bridge Lincolnshire
Cleveland Port Yorkshire
Cleveleys Lancashire
Location County Line Show
Cliff Common Yorkshire
Cliff Common (Gate) Yorkshire
Cliffe Yorkshire
Cliffe-en-Howe Road LC Norfolk
Cliffe Farm LC Suffolk
Cliffe Junction Yorkshire
Cliffsend Kent
Clifton (1) Lancashire
Clifton (2) Lancashire
Clifton Junction Lancashire
Clifton Junction Yorkshire
Clifton Maybank Dorset
Clifton Road Brighouse Yorkshire
Clifton-on-Trent Nottinghamshire
Cliftonville Sussex
Clipstone Colliery Nottinghamshire
Clipstone Colliery Junction Nottinghamshire
Clipstone Junctions Nottinghamshire
Closeburn Dumfries
Closeburn Quarry Dumfries
Clunybridge Junction Fife
Clydebank Dumbartonshire
Clydebank Central Dumbartonshire
Clydebank Junction Dumbartonshire


Location County Line Show
Coalbrookdale Shropshire
Coborn Road Middlesex
Cockfield Suffolk
Cocking Sussex
Cocking Tunnel Sussex
Cockley Brake Junction Northamptonshire
Codling Lane LC Norfolk
Coedygric Junction Monmouthshire
Coke Ovens Junction Suffolk
Colchester Essex
Cold Blow Crossing Kent
Collingham Bridge Yorkshire
Collington Sussex
Collins Lane Crossing Wiltshire
Colne Essex
Colne Essex
Colne Valley Junction Suffolk
Coltfield Moray
Coltishall Norfolk
Coltishall Lane Crossing Norfolk
Colton Junction Yorkshire
Colwall Herefordshire
Colwall Tunnel Herefordshire
Combe Oxfordshire
Combe Crossing Surrey
Combe Haven Viaduct Sussex
Common Road Crossing Norfolk
Common Road Crossing Norfolk
Commondale Yorkshire
Commondale Siding Yorkshire
Commondyke Ayrshire
Compasses Crossing Sussex
Comrie Perthshire
Connel Burn Crossing Ayrshire
Consall Staffordshire
Containerbase Junction Renfrewshire
Location County Line Show
Cooden Sussex
Cooks Pond Viaduct Surrey
Cooksbridge Sussex
Coombe Lane Crossing Surrey
Cooper Bridge (Junction) Yorkshire
Cooper House Siding Yorkshire
Coopers Lane Junction Essex
Copgrove (& Staveley) Yorkshire
Copley Yorkshire
Copley Hill Yorkshire
Copley Viaduct Yorkshire
Copmanthorpe Yorkshire
Coppermill Junction (Copper Mill) Essex
Copyhold Junction Sussex
Corby Lincolnshire
Corby Glen Lincolnshire
Corby Lincs Lincolnshire
Cornbrook Lancashire
Cornbrook East Junction Lancashire
Cornton Crossing Stirlingshire
Corporation Bridge Lincolnshire
Corpusty & Saxthorpe Norfolk
Corpusty Ballast Siding Norfolk
Corsham Wiltshire
Corton Suffolk
Coryates Halt Dorset
Cossall Colliery Nottinghamshire
Cossey Norfolk
Costa Beck Crossing Yorkshire
Costessey Norfolk
Cotehill Cumberland
Cotham Nottinghamshire
Cottam Nottinghamshire
Cottam Power Station Nottinghamshire
Cottingley Yorkshire
Cottingwith Yorkshire
Coulsdon North Surrey
Coulsdon South Surrey
Counden Road Warwickshire
Coundon Road Warwickshire
Counter Drain Lincolnshire
Country Park Halt Shropshire
County Boundary Junction Ayr-Lanark
County School Norfolk
Cove Quarry Dumfries
Coventry Warwickshire
Coventry Arena Warwickshire
Cowbit Lincolnshire
Cowbit Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Cowbit Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Cowden Kent
Cowes Isle of Wight
Cox Green Durham
Coxgreen Durham
Coxgreen Junction Durham
Coxes Lock Mill Crossing Surrey


Location County Line Show
Crabley Creek Yorkshire
Craddock Lane Lancashire
Crag Hall Yorkshire
Craig Colliery Ayrshire
Cranbrook Devonshire
Cranes Gate Lincolnshire
Cranley Gardens Middlesex
Cranmore Lane Lincolnshire
Crawley Sussex
Crawley Down Sussex
Cray Lane Crossing Sussex
Creach Junction Ayrshire
Crewe Bank Shropshire
Crewe Junction Shropshire
Crewkerne Somerset
Creyke Sidings Yorkshire
Crieff Perthshire
Crieff Junction Perthshire
Crigglestone Yorkshire
Crigglestone Goods Yorkshire
Crigglestone Viaduct Yorkshire
Crigglestone West Yorkshire
Crigglestone West Junction Yorkshire
Crimple Yorkshire
Crimple Junction Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Croes Newydd North Junction Denbighshire
Croes Newydd South Junction Denbighshire
Crombie Fife
Cromer Beach Norfolk
Cromer High Norfolk
Cromer Junction Norfolk
Cromer Links Halt Norfolk
Cromford Derbyshire
Cromwell Junction(s) Middlesex
Cronberry Ayrshire
Cropredy Oxfordshire
Crosby Garrett Westmorland
Crosby Garrett Tunnel Westmorland
Cross Common Crossing Yorkshire
Cross Keys Bridge Lincolnshire
Cross Lane Lancashire
Crossflat Junction Ayrshire
Crossing No.3 Suffolk
Crossing No.4 Suffolk
Crouch End Middlesex
Crow Nest East Lancashire
Crow Nest Junction Lancashire
Crow Nest Sidings Lancashire
Crow Nest West Lancashire
Crow Park Nottinghamshire
Crowborough Sussex
Crowhurst Sussex
Crowhurst Junction North Surrey
Crowhurst Junction South Surrey
Crowhurst Siding Surrey
Crowhurst Viaduct Sussex
Crowland Lincolnshire
Crowland Lincolnshire
Crowland Northamptonshire
Crowle Lincolnshire
Crowle (Central) Lincolnshire
Crown Street Goods Lancashire
Crowthorn Junction Lancashire
Croxdale Durham
Croxley Hertfordshire
Cruckmeole Junction Shropshire
Crumbles Sussex


Location County Line Show
Cuckfield Sussex
Cuckoo Junction Lincolnshire
Culgaith Cumberland
Culgaith Tunnel Cumberland
Culham Oxfordshire
Culross Fife
Cultrigg Colliery West Lothian
Culver Junction Sussex
Location County Line Show
Cummersdale Cumberland
Cummings Crossing Herefordshire
Cummingston Moray
Cumnock Ayrshire
Cumnock Junction Ayrshire
Cumwhinton Cumberland
Cunningham's Drove Lincolnshire
Curling Club Perthshire
Curling Pond Perthshire
Currock Junction Cumberland
Curve Junction Lancashire
Cutnall Green Worcestershire
Cuxton Kent


Location County Line Show
Cwmavon Monmouthshire
Cwmbran Monmouthshire
Cwmbran Monmouthshire
Cwmavon Monmouthshire
Location County Line Show
Cwmffrwd Halt Monmouthshire