Location County Line Show
St Anns Road Middlesex
St Boniface Down Tunnel Isle of Wight
St Brides Crossing Perthshire
St Catherine's Junction Yorkshire
St Deveraux Herefordshire
St Dunstan's Gate Crossing Kent
St Fillans Perthshire
St Fillans Tunnel Perthshire
St Helens Isle of Wight
St James Deeping Lincolnshire
St James Street Essex
St James's Park Middlesex
St Johns Kent
St Johns Wood Middlesex
St Julian's Siding Monmouthshire
St Lawrence Isle of Wight
St Lawrence Kent
St Lawrence Tunnel Isle of Wight
St Leonards Warrior Square Sussex
St Leonards West Marina Sussex
St Margarets Hertfordshire
St Margarets Junction Sussex
St Marys Whitechapel (Road) Middlesex
St Pauls Thameslink Middlesex
St Stephen's Gate Crossing Kent
Salford Lancashire
Salford Central Lancashire
Salford Crescent Lancashire
Salford Engine Shed Sidings Lancashire
Salford Goods Lancashire
Salfords Surrey
Salhouse Norfolk
Salisbury Road Norfolk
Salt Lake Sidings Yorkshire
Saltburn Yorkshire
Salter's Road Crossing Norfolk
Salter's Road Junction Norfolk
Salterhebble Tunnels Yorkshire
Salthill Road Crossing Sussex
Saltmarshe Yorkshire
Saltney Cheshire
Saltney Ferry Flintshire
Saltney Junction Cheshire
Location County Line Show
Sand Lane Crossing Yorkshire
Sandbank Crossing Cambridgeshire
Sandhill Lane Crossing Yorkshire
Sandhill Gates Crossing Yorkshire
Sandholme Yorkshire
Sandiacre & Stapleford Nottinghamshire
Sandown Isle of Wight
Sandsfoot Castle Halt Dorset
Sandwich Kent
Sandwich 'A' Kent
Sandwich 'B' Kent
Sandy Lane Crossing Oxfordshire
Sankey Viaduct Lancashire
Sanquhar Dumfries
Santon Lincolnshire
Sapperton Tunnel Gloucestershire
Saunderton Buckinghamshire
Saunderton Tunnel Buckinghamshire
Sawbridgeworth Essex
Sawley Derbyshire
Sawley Junction Derbyshire
Saxby Leicestershire
Saxilby Lincolnshire
Saxondale Junction Nottinghamshire
Saxthorpe Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Scalm Lane Crossing Yorkshire
Scampston Junction Yorkshire
Scarborough Bridge Junction Yorkshire
Scarrington Lane Crossing Nottinghamshire
Scawby & Hibaldstow Lincolnshire
Scotby Cumberland
Scotby Cumberland
Scotscalder Caithness
Scratby Halt Norfolk
Scratby Lane No.1 Crossing Norfolk
Scratby Road No.2 Crossing Norfolk
Scratby Road No.3 Crossing Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Scrooby Nottinghamshire
Scrooby Junction Nottinghamshire
Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe Lincolnshire


Location County Line Show
Seaford Sussex
Seagate Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Seal Sands Branch Junction Durham
Seal Sands Crossing Durham
Seal Sands Chemicals Crossing Durham
Seal Sands Road Crossing Durham
Seal Sands Storage Crossing Durham
Seaside Crossing Sussex
Sebastopol Monmouthshire
Sebastopol Monmouthshire
Location County Line Show
Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Sedgeford Norfolk
Seedley Lancashire
Seer Green Buckinghamshire
Sefton Park Lancashire
Selby Yorkshire
Selby Brayton Gates Yorkshire
Selby Canal Junction Yorkshire
Selby Road Crossing Yorkshire
Selby South Junction Yorkshire
Selby West Junction Yorkshire
Selham Sussex
Selmeston Crossing Sussex
Selside Yorkshire
Selston Colliery Nottinghamshire
Serridge Junction Gloucestershire
Settle Yorkshire
Settle New Yorkshire
Settle Junction Yorkshire
Settle Junction South Yorkshire
Severn Bridge Junction Shropshire
Severus Junction Yorkshire
Sewestern Lane Crossing Nottinghamshire
Seymour Junction Derbyshire


Location County Line Show
Shadwell Middlesex
Shaftesbury Road Middlesex
Shaftholme Junction Yorkshire
Shalfleet Isle of Wight
Shalmsford Street Crossing Kent
Shanklin Isle of Wight
Sharpenhurst No.2 Crossing Sussex
Sharpenhurst No.3 Crossing Sussex
Sharpthorne Tunnel Sussex
Shaw Syke Yorkshire
Sheenhill Worcestershire
Sheet Stores Junction Derbyshire
Sheffield Park Sussex
Shelwick Junction Herefordshire
Shepherds Bush Middlesex
Shepherds Bush Middlesex
Shepherds Bush Middlesex
Shepreth Cambridgeshire
Sherburn (-in-Elmet) Yorkshire
Shere Heath Crossing Surrey
Sheringham Norfolk
Shern Hall Street Essex
Sherringham Norfolk
Sherwood Forest Miniature Nottinghamshire  
Location County Line Show
Shide Isle of Wight
Shieldmuir Lanarkshire
Shieldmuir Junction Lanarkshire
Shifnal Shropshire
Shipley Colliery Derbyshire
Shipley Gate Derbyshire
Shippea Hill Cambridgeshire
Shipton Oxfordshire
Shipton Yorkshire
Shirebrook Derbyshire
Shirebrook Colliery Junction Derbyshire
Shirebrook North Derbyshire
Shirebrook West Derbyshire
Shireoaks Nottinghamshire
Shoreditch Middlesex
Shoreditch High Street Middlesex
Shoreham Airport Sussex
Shoreham Bridge Sussex
Shoreham-by-Sea Sussex
Shoreham Junction Sussex
Shotlock Tunnel Yorkshire
Shotts Lanarkshire
Shotts Ironworks Lanarkshire
Shrewsbury Shropshire
Shrivenham Berkshire


Location County Line Show
Sible & Castle Hedingham Essex
Sidestrand Halt Norfolk
Sidley Sussex
Location County Line Show
Sillieton Crossing Fife
Silver Sand Siding Surrey
Simon Storage Crossing Durham
Singleton Sussex
Sinnington Yorkshire
Sittingbourne Kent


Location County Line Show
Skellow Junction Yorkshire
Skelton Junction Yorkshire
Skerrington Pits Ayrshire
Skeyton Road Crossing Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Skinningrove Yorkshire
Skipwith & North Duffield Yorkshire
Skitfield Road Crossing Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Slade Lane Junction Lancashire
Sleights Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Sloane Square Middlesex


Location County Line Show
Smallbrook Junction Isle of Wight
Smalmstown Cumberland
Smithards Lane Crossing Isle of Wight
Smithfield Junction Middlesex
Smithfield Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Smithy Bridge Lancashire
Location County Line Show


Location County Line Show
Snaith Yorkshire
Snaith & Pollington Yorkshire
Snaith & Pontefract Highway LC Yorkshire
Snaith Road Crossing Yorkshire
Snaresbrook Essex
Sneinton Junction Nottinghamshire
Snettisham Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Snibston Discovery Centre Leicestershire  
Snow Hill Warwickshire
Snow Hill Junction Middlesex


Location County Line Show
Soho Warwickshire
Soho & Winson Green Warwickshire
Sole Street Kent
Somerton Oxfordshire
Somerton Crossing Oxfordshire
South Acton Middlesex
South Acton Middlesex
South Bank Yorkshire
South Drove Lincolnshire
South Ealing Middlesex
South Elmshall Yorkshire
South End Crossing Lincolnshire
South Hampstead Middlesex
South Harrow Middlesex
South Hayling Sussex
South Howden Yorkshire
South Kensington Middlesex
South Leigh Oxfordshire
South Lynn Norfolk
South Lynn Junction Norfolk
South Lynn Single Line Junction Norfolk
South Marston Junction Wiltshire
South Shields Durham
South Stockton Yorkshire
South Stoke Bridge Sussex
South Stoke Crossing Sussex
South Tottenham Middlesex
South Witham Lincolnshire
Southall Middlesex
Southborough Kent
Southborough Viaduct Kent
Southbourne Sussex
Location County Line Show
Southcote Junction Berkshire
Southease & Rodmell Sussex
Southerham Junction Sussex
Southwater Sussex
Southwick Durham
Southwick Sussex
Southwick Junction Durham
Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire
Sowerby Bridge Junction Yorkshire
Sowerby Bridge Tunnel Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Spalding Lincolnshire
Spatham Lane (Crossing) Sussex
Speedwell Colliery Nottinghamshire
Speen Berkshire
Speke Lancashire
Speke Junction Lancashire
Spelbrook Essex
Spellow Lancashire
Spen Valley Junction Yorkshire
Spencer Road Surrey
Spetchley Worcestershire
Spitalfields Hoists Middlesex
Location County Line Show
Spofforth Yorkshire
Spooner Row Norfolk
Springwell Branch Junction Derbyshire
Sprotborough Yorkshire
Sprotborough Junction Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Staddlethorpe Yorkshire
Staddlethorpe Junction Yorkshire
Staincliffe & Batley Carr Yorkshire
Stainforth & Hatfield Yorkshire
Stainforth Sidings Yorkshire
Stainforth Tunnel Yorkshire
Stainland (& Holywell Green) Yorkshire
Stainton Crossing Cumberland
Stainton Junction Cumberland
Staithes Yorkshire
Stalham Norfolk
Stalham Crossing Norfolk
Stallingborough Lincolnshire
Stalybridge Lancashire
Stalybridge Junction Lancashire
Stamford Northamptonshire
Stamford Bridge Yorkshire
Stamford Brook Middlesex
Stammerham Junction Sussex
Standon Bridge Staffordshire
Stanley Lancashire
Stanley Perthshire
Stanley Colliery Sidings Yorkshire
Stanley Junction Perthshire
Stanley's Brick Siding Warwickshire
Stanmore Middlesex
Stansted Essex
Stansted Airport Essex
Stansted Airport Tunnel Essex
Stansted East Junction Essex
Stansted Mountfitchet Essex
Stansted North Junction Essex
Stansted South Junction Essex
Stanton Gate Derbyshire
Stanton Gate South Derbyshire
Stanton New Ironworks Derbyshire
Stanton Old Ironworks Derbyshire
Stanwardine Shropshire
Stapleford & Sandiacre Nottinghamshire
Stapleford Park Miniature Railway Leicestershire  
Star Bridge Surrey
Star Lane Surrey
Starbeck Yorkshire
Steen's Bridge Herefordshire
Stepney Green Middlesex
Stepping Stones Crossing Norfolk
Stevenston Ayrshire
Steventon Berkshire
Stewarton Ayrshire
Steyning Sussex
Stillington Durham
Stirling Stirlingshire
Stirling Road Junction Lanarkshire
Location County Line Show
Stoats Nest Surrey
Stockcross & Bagnor Berkshire
Stockbridge Yorkshire
Stockheath Crossing Sussex
Stocks Lane Crossing Worcestershire
Stockton Durham
Stockton Durham
Stockton Durham
Stockton Yorkshire
Stockton Cut Junction Durham
Stockton Forest Yorkshire
Stockton Freightliner Durham
Stockton North Shore Durham
Stockwith Works Nottinghamshire
Stoke Suffolk
Stoke Edith Herefordshire
Stoke Prior Halt Herefordshire
Stoke Tunnel Lincolnshire
Stoke Works Worcestershire
Stone Cross Sussex
Stone Hall Sussex
Stone Sidings Yorkshire
Stonea Cambridgeshire
Stonebridge Park Middlesex
Stoneclough Lancashire
Stonefall Junction Yorkshire
Stonegate Sussex
Stonegate Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Stoneyford Colliery Derbyshire
Stoneyford Junction Derbyshire
Stoneyford Sidings Derbyshire
Stoulton Worcestershire
Stourbridge Engine House Worcestershire
Stourbridge Junction Worcestershire
Stourbridge Town Staffordshire
Stourport on Severn Worcestershire
Stow Park Lincolnshire
Strageath Halt Perthshire
Stranraer Harbour Wigtownshire
Stranraer Harbour Junction Wigtownshire
Stranraer Town Wigtownshire
Stratford International Essex
Strathord Perthshire
Strathord Junction Perthshire
Strathyre Perthshire
Stratton Dorset
Stratton Park Halt Wiltshire
Strensall Yorkshire
Strensall Halt Yorkshire
Stretford Lancashire
Stretton Heath Crossing Shropshire
Strood Kent
Stroud Green Middlesex
Strowan Tunnel Perthshire
Stubbs Walden Crossings Yorkshire
Studland Road Junction Middlesex
Sturmer Essex
Sturry Kent
Sturt Lane (East) Junction Surrey
Sturt Lane West Junction Hampshire
Sturton Lincolnshire
Sturton Nottinghamshire
Sturton Crossing Nottinghamshire
Stutton Yorkshire
Styal Cheshire


Location County Line Show
Suckley Worcestershire
Sudbury (& Wembley) Middlesex
Sudbury Suffolk
Sudbury Hill Middlesex
Sudbury Town Middlesex
Sudforth Lane Yorkshire
Suggitts Lane Crossing Lincolnshire
Summit Tunnel Lancs-Yorks
Summit West Tunnel Lancashire
Location County Line Show
Sutton (& Barnby Moor) Nottinghamshire
Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire
Sutton Bridge East Lincolnshire
Sutton Bridge Junction Lincolnshire
Sutton Bridge Junction Shropshire
Sutton Dock Junction Lincolnshire
Sutton Staithe Crossing & Halt Norfolk
Sutton Weaver Cheshire

Sw Sy

Location County Line Show
Swale Kent
Swanley Junction Kent
Location County Line Show
Swindon Wiltshire
Swindon Locomotive Yard Wiltshire
Swinedyke Crossing Lincolnshire
Swinton Lancashire
Swiss Cottage Middlesex
Swynnerton Junction Staffordshire
Sydenham Sidings Oxfordshire
Sykehouse Yorkshire
Sykes Junction Lincolnshire